Our Last Stop on the Emerald Isle

Salmon Wier Bridge leading to St. Nicholas Church

At the end of a very long day of exploration, we crossed tha Burren and at sundown, we arrived in Galway intending to explore the city the next morning. Our B&B, run by Bridget “Bridie” Moran left nothing to be desired. Her breakfasts of Wild Irish Oak Smoked Salmon and horseradish sauce served with home-baked brown Irish soda bread were a joy to awake to on both mornings that we stayed at her home. We had been incredibly lucky with the weather, seeing nothing but clear blue skies and pleasant breezes throughout our week-long stay; but on our very last day, it did start to rain. However, it cleared up within an hour or two and we were able to explore Galway on foot, starting with a visit to St. Nicholas’ Church, filled with Connemara marble and limestone, spanning the River Corrib, where at the Salmon Weir Bridge, salmon actually stop on their way towards spawning.

Passing through a Farmer’s Market that sold fresh local produce and farm-churned cheeses, we made our way towards Eyre Square, the most ‘happening’ part of Galway. Here, the square is lined with shops and commercial buildings, but the prettier streets lead up to the Latin Quarter where the Spanish Arch dominates the Old Quay. It was in Galway that we were unexpectedly treated to the fun of a street side puppet show and the excitement of the Gay Pride Parade as it wound its way through the Main Street. After a late lunch on a drizzly afternoon, we began the drive back to Dublin, spending our last evening amidst the fun and vibrancy of the capital city where our explorations had begun a week previously.

On Eyre Street in Galway

Bon Voyage!