Spa-Village of Sulphur Springs and Strauss

 Baden is full of sulphuric springs and we could smell the minerals in the air as we paused by the Plague Monument in the central square (below left). It was a pleasure to sit and listen to operatic arias in the distance, as twilight descended stealthily upon the town, in a lovely flower-filled garden near the statue of Johann Strauss. Strolling aroudn the garden, we discovered flower beds full of vibrant color and interesting classical statuary (Below right)

 Aftewards, we  enjoyed our rambles along Baden’s picturesque cobbled squares and narrow maze of streets filled with shops displaying enticing Austrian wares such as pastries and confections, embroidered skirts and muslin blouseshad which considerably sharpened our appetite (below right).


The Sturms decided to take us to a heurige, a typical Austrian evening of entertainment which originated in the sampling of the first pressings of the year’s vintage. Red and white wines are sampled in-between courses that comprise delicious cheese spreads, cold meats, roasts and pickles, salads and the most delectable bread you can imagine. Music and festivity characterize an Austrian heurige and we enjoyed two of these—one at Mayer am Pfarrplatz, in a historic inn in Nussdorf in which the composer Beethoven once lived and one in a charming Baden courtyard. Ronni also gave us a driving tour of Vienna by night which allowed us to see the city’s major monuments all beautifully floodlit and presenting a completely different facet of themselves.

Experiencing Austria through the eyes of our Austrian friends was a completely delightful feeling. Not only were were sated with the fine foods and wines that we sampled eagerly but we felt renewed in our ties of friendship that have bound us with the Sturms for over twenty years. Ronnie and Dieter’s lovely kids made our visit to their home in Nussdorf a true delight. Having them behind the wheel to show us the hidden gems of their beautiful country was truly a special privilege and we were deeply appreciative of our good fortune in having them as friends. Yu see us with them at the entrance to Beethoven’s Home in Nussdorf (above right and below left)

Bon Voyage!