Bon Voyage

The World I've Visited

 (The red portions of this map show all the parts of the world that I have visited. To create a similar map for yourself, click on the link below and follow the prompts.)

Countries Visited Map

Where on earth would you like to go?

Would you like to stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon? Or would you prefer to watch a Shakespearean play performed in his birthplace on the Banks of River Avon? How do you feel about roaming through the exotic Grand Palaces of Thailand or bargaining for handicrafts in the mystic medinas of Morocco?

If the idea of packing your bags at short notice to explore the furthest reaches of our planet excites you, then come with me. We’re kindred spirits on a similar quest–to uncover the mysteries of our Earth and to become one with the diversity of her spirit.

The thirst for exploration has kept me constantly fascinated, perpetually awed and eternally eager to learn. Let me share with you some of my own close observations and interesting experiences of the world as it has revealed itself to me over the years in its endless guises.

Take your pick of the offerings below. Then, after you have become my traveling companion on this journey of discovery, share with me the accounts of your own travels. We do not need to pack up our passports to be armchair travelers. All we need is to take flight on the wings of our imaginations. If you are willing, we can travel together into exciting realms that are virginal and just waiting to be discovered.

Bon Voyage!